Friday, June 10, 2011

Tennie Moore

Tennie Moore is my g-g-grandmother.  I didn't have alot of information on her, so I decided to grab a copy of her social security application to find her parents' names. 

According to her application, filled out in 1965, her maiden name is Tennie Francis Moore.  Born August 10, 1886 to William Nicholas Moore and Mary Katherine Slatten in Sparta, White County, Tennessee.

So, explain to me why I can't find her or her parents on any census records.  The first one I find her on she's already married to my g-g-grandfather.  I cannot locate her or her parents anywhere.  Ugh

I've tried all kinds of combinations of the names, nicknames, middle names, Tennessee, Mary Francis (which is the name my great-aunt said is her real name).  No such luck.......

Apparently all of my Tennessee kin believes that they are in the witness protection program......

Don't get me started on g-grandma Polly, whose name is really Violet Anora, which I didn't know.   To try to find her I asked my dad for her siblings, only to find out that they were Uncle Fuzzy and Uncle Tater.......

They made moonshine up in the hills on their still......

why does this not surprise me at all?


  1. How funny ... I have ancestors from the hills of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dot, Kentucky. Perhaps they are all hiding in that witness protection program together. I have never been able to get past first names (questionable at best)two generations before my grandparents. I have Crawford, Brown, Perdue and Dixon (like you). I need to find that family tree from the sixth grade and re-visit your site.

  2. Wow, Lisa, that would be awesome if we had Dixon connections. I have five weeks left to complete my bachelor's degree and then I'll be active again!! yippee!! Can't wait!