Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alexander Collins

Alexander Collins was born in Scotland June 7 1867.  He was the son of John and ? Collins.  According to census records, Alexander was born in Scotland and both of his parents were born in Ireland.  I believe they probably immigrated to Scotland sometime between 1845 and 1852 during the Great Potato Famine.  This is speculation at this point.

Alexander had two brothers and a sister, Annie.  The family story is that he immigrated to the United States with his brother, Thomas.

Alexander married Emma Margaruite Wootten and had four children.  One of which was my great grandfather, William Richard Collins.  Emma was born in Newfoundland.  I'm looking to see if Alexander first went to Canada and then married and came to the United States or if Emma immigrated here and they married in NY. 

I'm trying to upload the copies of the graveyard marker and his naturalization papers, but they are pdf files and I have to figure out how to save them to load up here.

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