Saturday, May 28, 2011

My introduction

I'm new to blogging about genealogy, although not new to blogging.  I have a homeschooling and quilting blog.  I've been doing genealogy research for about ten years, on and off.  I'm a computer researcher right now.  My hubby is active duty and living in Japan and the west coast while your family line runs on the east coast makes it difficult to do research.

Next year, I'm making a big trip to the east coast.  My dad's going to meet me and take the kids so I can research the Dixon and Rhea lines in TN, the Hurst line in AL, and hopefully, with the research done in TN, I hope to follow the Dixon line into NC.  I know that they come from NC in 1803, but not sure where yet.

As I said, I homeschool my kids, five of them.  Well, okay the youngest two just run around coloring on the walls and throwing rolls of toilet paper in the toilet, but its an adventure.  Right now, we live in WA state, but will be moving to CA in the next few months.  Before here, we lived in Japan for three years.  We generally move around every three years.  I haven't been on the east coast in a while and can't wait for my trip this next year.

So why  blog?  Well, I thought it would be interesting to blog what I learn about my family history.  My hubby is great, but after a while he gets a deer in the head light look when it comes to genealogy.  I also want to blog my learning adventure.  Although, I've been researching for about ten years, I am going to start improving my education in the hopes of becoming certified and finally realizing my dream!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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